An Overview Of Pylon Signs

The use of pylon signs is quite common these days, as businesses have to use a variety of signs to stand out in the crowd. But unlike other signs, a pylon sign will quickly attract anyone’s attention.
Do you know what a pylon sign looks like?
Though business signs come in all styles, shapes and sizes, a pylon sign is the most effective for advertising purpose. You can notice and read the pylon sign message from a distance. Shaped like a matchbox, these signs are fixed on to a pole and can be designed to rope in travelers and drivers quickly.

Here are some of the most important reasons to use pylon signs for promoting your business, products or services.

Low Maintenance: There are many business signs that need regular maintenance. Since pylon signs are made of high quality material, they remain in good shape with minimum maintenance – a few dollars a day. They can be easily placed in an outdoor location or exposed situations.

Budget-Friendly: When looking to advertise a business, cost is always a key concern – particularly for small businesses and startups. Thankfully, pylon signs don’t burn a hole in the pocket. Compared to many other signs and billboards, these signs are easier on the budget because you can just rent a section for your business on a large property pylon board.

Attractive Look: There are a number of creative ways in which pylon signs can be crafted to appeal to passersby. Signage companies use attention-grabbing styles, fonts and graphics to create these signs. Fixed to a long pole, pylon signs come along with beautiful 3-D fixtures.

High Night Visibility: Pylon signs are placed at a height where they can be easily noticed by pedestrians and commuters. They can be illuminated for increased visibility during nighttime. These signs work best during winters when days are shorter and nights are longer.

Custom Design: A pylon sign can be designed to suit your specific needs. Using the right size, font and color, the look of these signs can be improved to catch people’s eyes instantly. It is a good idea to craft pylon signs in a way which makes them noticeable both during day and night.

Who Uses Pylon Signs

Pylon signs are used by several types of businesses – big and small. You’ll often see these signs at gas stations.

Hotels and restaurants that are located along roads or highways find pylon signs quite effective. Any new visitor from a different city or town will easily notice a pylon sign from a distance and want to check out the advertised hotel or restaurant. For other businesses, pylon signs offer an excellent way to promote products and services. In fact, one pylon sign has enough space to advertise multiple products or services at once.

Retail and high-end departmental stores also use pylon signs to provide directions and attract customers.
Pylon signs are nothing new, but they are certainly one of the best ways to market your business to people walking past. Provided you know what you exactly want and choose to work with a reputable signage company, you can use pylon signs to make a difference and grow your business.