How effective is digital signs for business
Digital Signage

How Effective Is Digital Signage For Business?

You’ve seen digital signs in all sorts of businesses, ranging from fast-food joints to retail stores. While at first glance they might not seem like a necessary expense, the truth is that digital signs can be highly effective for businesses of all sizes.

Just how effective are they, and do businesses see ROI when they implement digital signage? 

Let’s take a look at the evidence.

According to a Pickcel article, 50% of business professionals consider digital signage effective for communication. 80% of businesses that have incorporated digital signage have seen increased sales. The digital signage market is projected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 7.5% by 2028

Digital signage is an effective way to reach customers and influence their purchasing decisions. If you’re considering investing in digital signage for your business, know that you’ll likely see a good return on your investment. 

How Digital Signage Encourages Business Growth

A modern marketing strategy is essential for boosting your bottom line in the contemporary era. Hence, digital signs are a modern way of digital marketing. 

Attract Customers

Use digital signage to grab the attention of nearby potential customers. This is especially useful for businesses that are located in high-traffic areas. Using digital signs, you can display your product or services in an engaging and visually appealing way to hook people looking your way.

Increase Sales 

Among other things, digital signage increases sales by getting in front of impulsive buyers. 

Personalized messaging and incentives displayed throughout a business can inspire customers to do unplanned shopping. 

Moreover, digital signage has been proven to influence customers’ purchasing decisions. A business can increase sales by using attractive visuals and graphics to make its products appear more appealing to clients.

Ensures Brand Management

Creating effective ads with people responding to them is the first step toward attracting new clients. It’s not uncommon for companies to incorporate their social media accounts and emblems into their advertisements. 

Cost-effective Advertisement

Digital signage is a cost-effective way to advertise your company. You can broadcast your messages effortlessly throughout the day. 

Customize your signs with movies, graphics, and new templates as you desire- it’s practical and affordable. Plus, it is more customizable than traditional billboards, newspapers, magazines, and television. 

Boost Your Business’s Recall

Almost everyone has access to social and digital media in today’s digital age. By advertising your business with the best digital signs, you stay in people’s minds long after they see it. 

As a result, it increases customer retention and business recall. 

In stores, you will often see advertisements designed to entice buyers to take action immediately. Various steps can be included here, such as placing an order, buying something, or directing customers to an area of interest, perhaps clearance to get rid of old stock.  


Digital signage is valuable for businesses wishing to improve customer interaction. 

Today, more consumers are getting their information via screens than ever before. Traditional print media, such as newspapers and billboards, are no longer consumers’ primary sources of information. Businesses that take advantage of this shift in consumer behavior will be further ahead of the curve than those that don’t get in the game.

If you’re considering implementing a digital signage system, be sure to consider the following factors:

  • How you want people to interact with your sign
  • What you want to achieve with digital signage 
  • Which physical area of your business requires a sign, and how much room do you have there?

Finally, digital signage is a valuable addition to any business. Still, it’s also essential to understand the different types of systems and how to use them to achieve your goals. With some planning, you can create a digital signage system to help your business succeed.

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Why Choose Neon Signs
Business Signage

Why Choose Neon Signs for Your Business

Are you looking for a way to give your business an eye-catching and unique look? If so, add some personality to your business with neon signs. 

Neon signs have been around for many years and are still one of the most popular choices for businesses looking for an eye-catching advertising method. Neon signs are very visible, even from a distance, and can be seen day or night. Not only do they add a touch of nostalgia, but they also help to create an atmosphere that is unique and memorable. 

If you’re thinking about using neon signs for your business, here are some things to keep in mind.

5 Benefits of Investing in Neon Signs

Attract Potential & New Customers

A business’s neon sign is often one of the first things that a potential customer will notice. In many cases, it is the sign that will determine whether or not they will stop in to check out what the business has to offer. A well-designed neon sign can be an extremely effective marketing tool, capable of attracting new customers and helping to boost sales. 

Even small businesses can benefit from investing in a high-quality neon sign. By making a small investment in this powerful marketing tool, businesses can see a significant return in the form of increased foot traffic and higher sales.

Very Visible and Lights Up the Night

As night falls, the city comes alive with a dazzling display of neon lights. Neon signs are created by electrically charging glass tubes filled with neon gas. When turned on, the gas glows brightly, producing a striking and eye-catching effect. Neon signs quickly became popular for businesses looking to attract attention and boost sales. 

In addition, these are popular for a reason: they are highly visible, even in direct sunlight. This is because these signs use bright, fluorescent colors that are easy to see from a distance. 

Create an Inviting Atmosphere for Customers

There’s something about a neon sign that just screams, “Come on in!” Maybe it’s the bright colors or the retro appeal, but there’s no doubt that a well-designed neon sign can help to attract customers and create an inviting atmosphere. 

They can also be used to highlight special features of your business, such as your hours of operation or unique products and services.

Versatile and Highly Customizable

Neon signs are one of the most versatile and customizable forms of advertising and branding available. Unlike many other forms of signage, neon signs can be made in almost any color and shape imaginable. This makes them ideal for businesses that want to create a unique and eye-catching sign that will really stand out. 

Neon signs can also be used to great effect indoors or outdoors, making them a very versatile form of advertising. And because they are so durable, they can last for many years with proper care and maintenance. 

Energy Efficient 

Though they may seem like a relic of the past, neon signs are actually very energy efficient. Modern neon signs use less than 5% of the electricity of an incandescent bulb to produce the same amount of light. This is because neon lights produce light differently than other bulbs. 

They contain a gas ionized by an electric current, which produces a bright glow. This process is very efficient, and it means that neon signs can last for years with minimal upkeep. 

Whether you’re looking for a subtle way to add some extra flair or you want to make a bold statement, neon signs are an effective option.

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best signage for hotels
Business Signage, Digital Signage

What Signage is Best for Hotels

When you’re running a business, especially one in the hospitality industry, it’s essential to make an excellent first impression. The signage needs to be clear and concise so that guests can easily find their way around. There are a few different types of signage that hotels can use, and each has its benefits. Which type of signage is suitable for your hotel will depend on your specific needs and preferences. 

Having attractive and professional signage lets your guests know they’ve arrived at the right place. But what type of signage is best for hotels? And what should you consider when making your decision? Read on for some tips!

What are the Signages Mostly used in hotels?

The signs in a hotel are mostly different in size, shape, and colour. Some signs help in communicating the additional features of the hotel. These include signs that guide people to various areas in the hotel building.

A few different types of signages are commonly used in hotels. The most common type is the hanging sign, which is usually a flat rectangular panel attached to a metal frame and hangs from the ceiling. Another common type of signage is the wall mural, a large image or graphic displayed on a wall. 

Another popular type of signage is the directional sign, which is used to point guests in the right direction.

Which signage is best for hotels lets have a look:

highly visible and distinctive hotel signage

Signs that are Highly Visible and Distinctive

The signs that are highly visible and distinctive are the best for hotels. This is because they allow people to identify the place quickly. For example, if a person needs to find a hotel in an area, they can quickly locate it by looking for the signboard. Therefore, the signs should be distinctive enough to be easily visible.

easy to read signs for hotels

Signs with Easy-to-read Fonts and Simple Graphics

Signage for hotels should use fonts and graphics that are easy to read. It will help guests find their way around the hotel more efficiently. Additionally, using simple graphics will make the signage more visually appealing. Simplicity is also crucial, as guests should not be overwhelmed by too much information.

On the other hand, signs with easy-to-read fonts and simple graphics make it easier to find their way around. All you need is a sign with five words or less that tells people where they are entering and what the building they’re in is called.

Easy to Follow Directions from the Parking Lot 

As someone approaches the hotel parking lot, the signage is the first thing they see, and it tells them where to go and how to get there. In recent years, this has become a crucial part of the job for a hotel because if people can’t find their way to their room, they will not stay and book another night. There should be directional signs directing traffic onto the property and around the parking area. 

Signage that Matches your Brand’s Style

The best signage for a hotel is signage that matches the brand’s style. The goal of the sign is to let people know where they are, what is available in the hotel, and establish a sense of place. This signage is typically located at the entrance of the facility.

You have to create a sign that will usually be seen by guests who are approaching the property, so install it in a highly visible location. The signage will do wonders for your hotel, but it doesn’t have to be expensive.

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top signage trends for 2022
Business Signage, Digital Signage

Top Signage Trends for 2023

To stay competitive in the future, a business owner must keep up with trends. Though it seems far away, 2022 is just around the corner, and new trends are on the way.

Signage is evolving as technology does; there are a few trends to look out for. Perhaps the most obvious trend is the increasing use of digital signage. It uses electronic displays to show text, images, or video. It’s perfect for catching people’s attention as they walk by, and it can be used to convey a lot of information quickly and easily.

Signage industry trends change on a daily basis; it is never the same. What will be the latest trends for 2022? Read on to find out! 

interactive signs

Interactive Signage

As businesses continue to evolve, the need for different types of signage will also increase. One of the most popular types of signage in recent years has been interactive signage. This type of signage allows customers to interact with it directly, creating a more engaging experience.

There are several reasons why interactive signage is becoming more popular. First, it allows customers to get more information about a product or service. Secondly, it can create a more interactive environment for customers.

Social Media Walls

Social media is drawing people’s attention these days, not just for personal use but also business purposes. For example, businesses now use social media walls to show their brand, products, and services. It is now a common trend being witnessed in the day-to-day life of companies.

Digital Hall-of-Fame

As we move further into the 21st century, more and more business is done online. It has led to a rise in digital signage that is displayed on screens instead of traditional paper signs. As time goes on, even more businesses will adopt digital signage as their primary mode of advertising.


Trigger Based Personalised Content

Trigger-based personalised content considers the person’s actions in front of the screen. This type of content is tailored to specific customers based on their past interactions with a business. For example, if a customer enters a coffee shop, they may receive free coffee if they sign up to be on the mailing list. 

This content is designed to create a more personalised experience for customers and encourage them to return in the future.

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality is a technology that will continue to grow in 2022. It is a technology that combines the real world with the digital world. It is related to a more general concept called Mixed Reality, which refers to a situation where physical and virtual objects co-exist and interact in the same space. It means that you can see digital content overlayed on top of the physical world. 

Animated Signs with Motion-activated Technology

This industry’s hottest trend is animated signs with motion-activated technology. This type of signage is interactive and engaging, which helps capture passersby’s attention. It’s a great way to communicate a message in a fun and interesting way.

Another trend starting to emerge in the signage industry is 3D printing. This technology allows businesses to create custom-made signs that are unique and eye-catching. 3D printing is rapidly becoming a popular option for businesses because it will create truly one-of-a-kind signs.

So, what do these trends mean for businesses? Well, it means that there is a lot of potential for creativity and improvement. 

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What Signage is Best for Restaurants

Restaurant signage is an integral part of marketing your business. It not only informs customers of your hours and menu items, but it also creates an initial impression that can make or break a sale. Restaurants need signage to let customers know what is on the menu, what specials are being offered, and general information about the business. 

The type and design of your signage can significantly impact your business. There are many different types of business signage available, so it’s crucial to select the right type for your restaurant.

By understanding the different options available, restaurant owners can select the signage that will be most effective for their business.

Signage:  A key Component for All Restaurants

Signage is a very important component in any restaurant. It can inform patrons about daily specials, hours of operation, and anything else that a restaurant would want the public to know about them. Signage is a huge marketing tool in the food industry because it can be one of the first things a customer notices about an establishment when they walk in.

Good signage can also help to create a positive impression of the restaurant. Several different types of signage can be used in restaurants. Some of the most common types of signage include menu boards, chalkboards, and window stickers. 

What to Include on your Sign

There are a few key things to keep in mind when it comes to signage for your restaurant. First and foremost, your signage should be clear and concise, communicating what your restaurant is all about. It should also be easy to read, using a simple, clean font. Additionally, use colors that will stand out and grab people’s attention.

Additionally, you may want to consider adding images or graphics to your sign, as well as using directional arrows to help guests find their way. If you have a special promotion or sale going on, be sure to mention that on your signage as well.

You must consider your target market. If you’re targeting a younger crowd, you may want to consider using funky and modern fonts and designs. If you target a more mature crowd, you may want to stick with traditional fonts and designs. 

Different Types of Signs for Restaurants

One of the hottest types of signs is an exterior sign. It is placed outside of the restaurant and is typically made out of plastic or metal. It will usually have the restaurant’s name and logo on it.

Another type of sign is the interior sign. It is placed inside the restaurant and usually hangs from the ceiling or is attached to a wall. It will usually have the restaurant’s name and the menu items offered.

The third type of sign is the menu board.  It is placed at the restaurant or in the waiting area. It will usually list the different available menu items and the prices.

The fourth type of sign is the drive-thru sign. This is a sign placed outside of the restaurant so people can see it from their cars when they are in line for food at a drive-thru.

The fifth type of sign is the promotional sign. It is a sign used to promote a special event or sale that is happening at the restaurant.

Other Signage Industries We Work With

Hotel Signs     |     Hospital Signs     |     Airport Signs     |     Retail Signs     |     Restaurant Signs


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Business Signage

How Good Signs Increases Sales For Your Business


Businesses with great well-designed signs that stand out are more easily remembered, and help drive more sales.

Just think about it? How did you come to know about some of your favorite products or brands?

Just take a small walk down a busy city street and you’ll notice that the businesses that truly stand out are those that have good signs. From restaurants and shops to brokers and attorneys, signage creates brand awareness and speaks to consumers who may be in need of your product or services.

Your brand is heavily linked to your signage, so getting the best sign possible should be a top priority for your business.


How Good Signs Increases Sales


A good sign has a direct impact on your sales. If your signage is good, your sales are bound to be good as well. Cleverly designed and well-thought-out signs are difficult to ignore. Many businesses dedicate a lot of money to fancy product launches and digital marketing campaigns, often at the expense of signage.

Consumers want to be noticed, charmed, and appreciated. If your signage is effective and placed in the right places, consumers will want to see what your business has to offer.


Stand In Your Buyer’s Shoes


Looking through your customer’s perspective is actually quite easy. Simply step outside your business premises and look at your storefront sign and ask yourself these questions.

  • Is it clearly visible?
  • Does it speak to who you are and how you may be feeling?
  • Does it tell you useful and relevant information?
  • Would a potential buyer clearly understand the product or service you have to offer?

These are some questions you should think about when creating signage for your business.

When a customer passes by your shop, do they see a clear and elaborate sign? Good signage is both visible and legible, and able to communicate easily and effectively without a shadow of a doubt. Here are some key things to consider:

  • Easy To Read – If it’s not legible, customers will not stop and try to figure it out.
  • Placement – Is the signage clearly visible and in a position where it easily catches the eye of passers-by?
  • Stand Out –  Does your signage stand out from other nearby businesses?
  • Inviting – Does your signage arouse the interest of customers and make them want to come inside and see.
  • Seen at night – Can customers see your sign at night or in low light?


How Good Signs Increases Sales


Walk into your shop or business. Are the signs properly branded, concise and informative? Do they assist a potential buyer to make a purchasing decision? Clear signs that that indicate special offers and discounts easily boost sales!

You should know that over 80% of purchase decisions are made on impulse! A sign that informs a customer of a great deal has a higher chance of prompting them to make a purchase.

Most people want an easy decision, have your sign tell people what you want them to do and they’ll likely do it.


Signage Is At The Center of Marketing


Signage should be a central part of your marketing strategy. In order to get the best signs for your business, it’s highly recommended that you enlist the help of a professional signage company. They will help you implement your vision in the best way possible.

These days, there are a vast array of signage options are at your disposal. This makes it easy to promote your business or brand in a very unique and original way.


Stand Out From the Crowd


The main purpose of your sign is to get customers through the door. Working with a professional graphic designer and sign installation company, you will be able to create unique and effective signage that will help you stand out from the crowd.

When done well, signs foster brand awareness and boost sales significantly. Successful brands and businesses have known for many decades.

Don’t let your business suffer from low sales due to poorly designed, old, outdated, or hard-to-read signage. Learning how good signs increase sales is the first step to success.

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8 Reasons Why LED Signs Work So Well

LED digital signs are the most requested signage for good reason.

A well-designed LED sign is eye-catching, clean, and classy. Along with LED signs, we also offer digital, wayfinding, pylon, monument, cabinet, awnings, and channel letter signs as well.

Let’s take a look at 10 ways a great quality digital LED sign helps your storefront stand out.



The moving animation and bright colors of digital LED signs grab people’s attention far more than a basic banner.  In fact, it is said that as much as 70% of people that read a message on an LED sign better than other types. LED Signs are vibrant and bright and simply grab people’s attention and hold on tight.


Built-Tough & Long Lasting

An LED Sign is built to withstand some of the toughest weather conditions possible. In fact, they typically last more than 10 years in perfect condition. They are vandal resistant and easily one of the best choices for long lasting signage.


Environmentally Friendly

LED signs use very little electricity. You probably know that LED lights are very inexpensive to operate in your home, and the same is true for your sign. In fact, LED Signs take less energy than your home’s air conditioning unit.  Bright flashy signs may seem like they’re expensive to operate, however, they are quite cheap and economical.


Increases Brand Awareness

A bright and well-designed sign that grabs attention means people remember what’s on the sign – your business name.  Attention and recognition help with your branding and general awareness.

Your branding is a very important part of your marketing efforts.  People will remember a good sign and what it says. A new LED sign brings your business up to date and adds a level of trust to clients looking for your types of services.


Longer Life Span

LED signs last on average 6 more years than other illuminated signs like neon signs or fluorescent bulb signs, making LED signs a sound investment. The lifespan of an LED sign is well over 10 years and needs almost no maintenance. The sign will remain bright and beautiful for years to come.


LED Digital Signs Are Easy To Update

LED signs are extremely versatile and customizable.  While other signs are stagnate and permanent, LED signs can change their wording or imagery easily.  LED signs present a great opportunity to update the community.  Schools, health places, and retail stores can all take advantage of LED signs’ ability to change and give different and useful information to customers and clients. These offer a great way to introduce events, announce a sale or make people aware of changes to the business.


Automated Brightness Control

Automatic brightness control allows your sign to be seen during a bright sunny day but won’t blind people at night and is very similar to your phone’s screen.

When our phones or signs adjust to the ideal brightness automatically, it’s comfortable and we don’t have to think about it. But without automation, you’re constantly changing the settings or getting frustrated with it being too bright or not bright enough.



You can offer videos and moving clips that are attention-grabbing. Studies have shown that an LED digital sign has one of the highest returns on investment, as you can display a huge amount of information in the form of pictures, text, and moving video footage. People tend to notice an LED sign more often and is an amazing aid to other forms of marketing.

Are you in need of an LED sign or have other questions? Call the experts at National Neon and increase customer awareness, attention, and sales.


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Why Good Signage Is An Important School Safety Feature


If you’re an educator, you want to provide your students with a safe learning environment at school. Sadly, most of the potential risks at school are caused by individuals who forget safety protocols or who might not even know what they are.

An effective way to address these safety risks is to put up good signage around the school. Most safety signs fall into the category of wayfinding signs – signs that provide information, direction, identification, or regulation


What Kinds Of Signs Would Your School Need?

To create a safe school environment for students, teachers, and visitors alike, you need to post signs that them where to go, what to do, and how to behave safely.

For example, let’s consider the recent developments in the pandemic. Schools are starting to open up again, and kids are excited to go back. They’re so excited to see their friends that they’ll forget half the things their parents taught them about safety at school.

This is where a clear and well-designed sign can help. The signs you need to post could remind your students to wash their hands often, use hand sanitizers, keep their masks on, stay at least six feet apart from someone else, don’t share school supplies, etc.

Other safety signs are general ones that apply to all school situations like don’t run in the hallway, don’t litter, etc.

Signs also identify areas where only school staff is allowed or where the custodian is working. Signs can also clearly mark entrances and exits so kids won’t run into each other, or know where the emergency exits are.


Tailor Your Sign To the Audience

We all know many kids have very short attention spans. If your sign has an inspiring message but it looks boring and is full of words, the kids won’t pay attention to it.

However, if you make the sign bright, colorful, and fun, and keep your message short, you’ll increase the likelihood that they’ll pay attention and remember the sign’s meaning.

Do the adults, including teachers, staff, and visitors, need signage too? Of course they do!

Adults forget things too, so they also need clear, and easily understandable reminders. For example, if there’s a teachers’ breakroom, it won’t hurt to post a sign reminding your colleagues to keep the kitchen area clean, wipe up their spills, turn off the coffee pot, don’t burn the popcorn, etc.  And the safety signs around COVID-19 apply to them just as much as the children.

Visitors definitely need good signage because they don’t know where rooms are in your school and they don’t know any of the procedures which may differ from school to school.


How Will You Get All This Done?

You can try making signs yourself, but unless you have the skills of a professional graphics designer and access to sign-making materials, your signs won’t function well or last very long.

Besides, you don’t have the time. So, the best approach is to contact a professional signage company. They do this for a living, and they can whip up as many beautiful signs as you need. You can discuss with them your ideas and the messages you want to get across, and the design team will make you awesome signs that you’ll be proud to post around your school.

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Importance of Digital Signage to Small and Medium-sized Businesses

Small and medium-sized businesses, including small brick and mortar types, face challenges when competing with corporate giants.  To combat these challenges, digital signage can be used as a platform to seize the attention of prospective customers and assist in driving customer traffic and boosting sales.

There are a number of remarkable cases in which digital signage is used to attract customers and interact with them in ways that can propel the business to success in record time.  Below are some of the benefits of small businesses digital signage:


Increased Visibility

Among the biggest problems faced by retailers, as it relates to self-promotion, is wading through the marketing noise produced by other businesses; whether on television or radio, in magazines and newspapers or from rival store signs.  Using digital signage can assist you in cutting through those distractions.  This can be done by attracting and directing the responsiveness of the most significant prospective buyers of all – individuals in a store who are prepared to make a purchase.



A big part of the appeal of digital signage is its versatility.  Banners and papers do have a certain appeal; however, digital signage has the ability to be versatile in ways in which they cannot.  This is primarily due to the capacity of digital signs to display a variety of content and also their ability for interactivity.  This is designed with the distinct capacity to pull potential customers in.



As was previously mentioned, small and medium-sized enterprises struggle to be competitive with larger corporations and companies.  However, digital signage provides a vital factor which can be used to level the playing field; it can be scaled and adapted to the sum of money available in your budget.

Smaller businesses have more flexibility when compared to larger ones, in that changes can be made more rapidly.  In a setting such as this, digital signage is an even more remarkable asset.  For a business owner, this could result in an inspiring and successful story.


It Saves Time

Having to prepare a static, printed sign tend to be expensive, labor intensive and time consuming.  With the use of digital signage, the same message can be generated and it can be displayed far more rapidly.

All these benefits of small businesses digital signage are designed to increase the awareness of passersby.  Additionally, digital signs are remarkable tools to use inside the establishment as a means of helping to drive purchases and upsells.

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Business Signage

The Evolution Of The Sign Industry

In today’s signs of all types are everywhere. As diverse as the types of signs that are available are the messages that come with them. Signs are used for everything from inviting customers to purchase a good or service to giving instructions (like in social education campaigns and traffic signals). One thing is for sure, irrespective of the type (i.e. design style) and the message conveyed, signs are a call to action for all who interact with them. Consequently, signs are judged based on their effectiveness in securing the desired response. So, just how the sign industry get started? Keep reading.


Early Beginnings of the Sign Industry


The first instances of signs being used dates back to 3000 BC and 500 AD during Roman and Greek times. Back then, leather, wood, stone, and terra cotta were the materials of choice and information was communicated using images as opposed to text that is popularly used in signage today. Importantly, while some of the earliest signs were used to represent religious affiliations (like the early Christians wearing the sign of the cross of ichthys), ancient Rome was also home to some of the first commercial signs available. 


Some signs were placed to identify shop fronts while others were used to identify certain trades and industries (like the red and white pole for barbers). Trade signs were also used to identify one house, street, or community from the other when the trade differed one to the next. 


Of course, as the times and technology evolved, so too did the type of signs we began to see. As the 1940s and 1950s rolled around the economic boost led to an increase in commercial activity – including, the production of quality plastic acrylic signs. As these were cheap and durable, these signs grew in popularity and many were used with fluorescent and neon bulbs in some instances. Eventually, other kinds of outdoor signs such as flags, banners, and A-frame signs became popular as well.


The Sign Industry Today


Today, more than ever before, there is a wide range of materials to choose from to make signs. Additionally, the technological revolution has allowed for new printers and material cutters that help to make signs more dynamic and well-designed than ever before. The addition of energy-saving LED bulbs will allow for 24/7 lighting that is cleaner and brighter than anything that has come before.


For More, Connect with Us!


There you have it. The evolution of the sign industry from inception to where it is today. For the best-suited, most effective signs for your business needs, please contact us today. A member of our team will be happy to speak with you about your options.


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