digital led signs can revolutionize your business's visibility
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How Digital LED Signage Can Revolutionize Your Business’s Visibility

Picture this!

You’re driving down the road after sunset and see a glowing light in the distance. What can it be? As you get closer, you discover it’s a digital LED sign for a local business.

Many businesses use LED signs to increase their visibility for those passing by. A bright shining sign is a great way to attract the attention of potential customers. 

If you’re ready to see your business grow, consider the benefits of digital LED signs. At National Neon, we offer various colours and designs to help you get your message across and increase your brand recognition. The power of a digital LED sign should not be underestimated. It’s time to learn how they can improve your business’s sales and visibility.

What Is Digital LED Signage?

Digital LED signage is similar to a computer screen and can be programmed to show pictures, video, or a combination of both. It allows businesses to compete with the thousands of advertisements customers see daily. They grab attention, are flexible and act as a salesperson for your company. 

How Can Digital LED Signage Allow Your Business to Thrive and Grow? 

Digital LED signage displays dynamic imagery to promote products, services, events, and more. The human attention span is short, so making an impact is essential to gaining new customers. From the brightness of the lights to the choice of colours, these signs can be a vibrant part of your advertising mix. 

National Neon have been signage experts for over 70 years. We know the right sign can help your business stand out and thrive. As a tool made for longevity, digital LED signs can aid your business. Here are some ways it can help you increase your business’s visibility.

Grab Your Customers’ Attention With Vibrant Visuals

One of the biggest advantages of LED signage is its ability to stand out. Bright, colourful displays of dynamic content on digital LED signs can attract the attention of those passing by and convert them into customers for your business. Creating visually appealing and captivating advertisements, promotions, and announcements promotes your message and brand identity. 

Flexibility and Customization

Using digital LED signage gives you the ability to choose from several options. These dynamic signs differ from their static counterparts because they can change with real-time updates and content changes. Adapting a marketing strategy to different seasons and events ensures signs are timely and up-to-date. One of the best parts about these moving signs is their ability to keep their message fresh and personalized to their target audience. 

Content Is Dynamic and Interactive

Unlike its static counterparts, digital LED signage does more than display still text and images. Animations, social media feeds, and live updates can be “cast” (or broadcast) on the signs. Interactive features such as touchscreens or QR codes allow businesses to encourage customer participation. Memorable interactions such as these leave a lasting impression and can result in conversion. 

Marketing and Analytics Are Targeted

The use of digital LED signage offers opportunities for targeted marketing and data-driven decision making. The National Neon team uses advanced analytics and software to track metrics such as audience demographics, viewing times, and engagement levels. Businesses can use this data to refine their marketing strategies, cater to specific audiences, and maximize the return on their investment. 

It’s a Cost-Effective Advertising Method

The upfront costs of digital LED signage may be high, but it is worth the investment. Traditional print or billboard advertising requires recurring expenses for updates and replacement. However, digital LED signs effectively eliminate these costs. The content on these signs can be created and modified in-house. Utilizing digital LED signage allows businesses to reduce their ongoing advertising expenses while reaching a large audience. 

Brand Awareness Is Improved

Utilizing digital LED signage allows businesses to enhance their brand visibility. They are showcasing brand elements such as logos, slogans, and colour schemes in a visually appealing way. Using consistent branding across multiple digital signs reinforces the brand connection. Additionally, it builds a stronger relationship with the target audience, improving customer loyalty and trust. 

Differentiate Yourself From Competitors

In a crowded marketplace, businesses must make an impact to stand out. Digital LED signage is a unique and modern approach to advertising that sets any company apart from the competition. Visually stunning and impactful signage that leaves a lasting impression on potential customers. Embracing innovative technology allows businesses to gain a competitive edge and establish themselves as industry leaders. 

Synchronize With Digital Marketing Plan

While social marketing campaigns, website promotions, and email marketing efforts are effective, combining them with digital LED signage is even better. Reinforcing these messages on an LED sign with moving animation or images can amplify a company’s reach. Creating a cohesive brand experience allows companies to strengthen their overall marketing strategies. 

Improve the Customer Experience

Did you know you can use digital LED signage to enhance the customer experience? Creating engaging content that educates, entertains, or guides is essential to helping customers through their purchasing journey. Signs can display product demonstrations, showcase customer testimonials, and even offer wayfinding assistance. It improves customer satisfaction and loyalty. 

Stay Up-To-Date and Timely

When you make the choice to use digital LED signage, you can stay ahead of the curve. These signs allow for real-time updates, ensuring businesses can advertise time-sensitive offers, such as flash sales or event sales, right away. It lets customers stay informed and shows a business’s responsiveness and commitment to delivering exceptional service. 

How Can National Neon Signs Help Your Business?

National Neon is ahead of the curve. Our signs withstand Canada’s harsh weather conditions with a specialzed weather rating, which means they are waterproof and can withstand the rain and the elements. Our digital LED signs are manufactured with the highest possible grade for digital displays. Alongside our top weather ratings, our digital displays utilize a lightweight, fanless design (which allows for energy savings of up to 30%). The result is our clients being able to choose from some of the highest quality displays available. Reach out to give your business the visibility it needs to succeed.

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what you should know about led signs
Digital Signage

What You Should Know About LED Signs

In these digital times, an LED sign is a must-have for businesses of all sizes. If you’re looking for a way to make your business more visible, or if you want to advertise a sale going on at the store, LED signs are an excellent option. They’re bright, eye-catching, and can be customised to fit your specific business needs. 

LED signs allow you to get your message out to many people. It is essential to understand what makes these signs so effective and how you can choose the right sign for your needs. It uses less energy and can last longer than other types of signage. Plus, they also can be animated. 

Keep reading to learn the basics of LED signage and what you need to consider before purchasing.

how does led sign work

What is an LED Sign and How Does it Work

LED signs are computer-generated images that use light-emitting diodes (LEDs) to create text or graphics. LEDs are a type of semiconductor device that emits light when an electric current passes through it.

The computer that generates the images can control the brightness, colour, and clarity. It allows businesses to create customised messages that can be changed at any time.

LED signs are a popular choice for businesses because they are energy-efficient and can be seen from long distances. They are also weatherproof, which allows them to be placed outside.

Benefits of LED Signs for Businesses

Signs are an important aspect of any business. The signage can make or break a company because it allows people to identify the company and understand what they are about. There are many different types of signs that you can use for your business, but one of the most popular sign types is LED sign technology. 

LED signs have a lot of benefits for small businesses.

They are reliable and have a wide range of applications. It is one of their main benefits for small businesses.

Smaller budgets are another benefit, as LED signs will not break the bank like traditional sign systems can be.

Additionally, LED signs allow you to customise the messaging on your sign according to what you need it to say or when there is an event taking place in the area.


benefits of led signs

How to Choose the Right Size, Shape, Colour, and Design

One of the most crucial factors in selecting an LED sign is to choose the size, shape, colour, and design that will suit your needs. Every company has different preferences, so their advertising signs may vary. 

A good design will help you attract more attention from onlookers and make a positive impression. A well-designed sign will also make an excellent first impression on your clients.

Instead of going with the default settings, create a unique sign for your company or business. You can use bright colours and contrasting shades for this purpose.

The most common shapes for LED signs are square, rectangular, rounded corners, round, and octagonal. The size of the sign depends on how large you want it to be and where you want it displayed. 


Who Should Consider Investing in an LED Sign? 

Almost anyone who has an establishment such as a restaurant, doctor’s office, grocery store, or other business should consider investing in an LED sign.

Business owners and marketers often invest in high-quality digital signs for their storefront windows because they know signage is integral to attracting potential clients. This is why many people choose the new generation of small LED signs for exterior use like store windows or truck graphics because they make such a positive impact.

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top signage trends for 2022
Business Signage, Digital Signage

Top Signage Trends for 2023

To stay competitive in the future, a business owner must keep up with trends. Though it seems far away, 2022 is just around the corner, and new trends are on the way.

Signage is evolving as technology does; there are a few trends to look out for. Perhaps the most obvious trend is the increasing use of digital signage. It uses electronic displays to show text, images, or video. It’s perfect for catching people’s attention as they walk by, and it can be used to convey a lot of information quickly and easily.

Signage industry trends change on a daily basis; it is never the same. What will be the latest trends for 2022? Read on to find out! 

interactive signs

Interactive Signage

As businesses continue to evolve, the need for different types of signage will also increase. One of the most popular types of signage in recent years has been interactive signage. This type of signage allows customers to interact with it directly, creating a more engaging experience.

There are several reasons why interactive signage is becoming more popular. First, it allows customers to get more information about a product or service. Secondly, it can create a more interactive environment for customers.

Social Media Walls

Social media is drawing people’s attention these days, not just for personal use but also business purposes. For example, businesses now use social media walls to show their brand, products, and services. It is now a common trend being witnessed in the day-to-day life of companies.

Digital Hall-of-Fame

As we move further into the 21st century, more and more business is done online. It has led to a rise in digital signage that is displayed on screens instead of traditional paper signs. As time goes on, even more businesses will adopt digital signage as their primary mode of advertising.


Trigger Based Personalised Content

Trigger-based personalised content considers the person’s actions in front of the screen. This type of content is tailored to specific customers based on their past interactions with a business. For example, if a customer enters a coffee shop, they may receive free coffee if they sign up to be on the mailing list. 

This content is designed to create a more personalised experience for customers and encourage them to return in the future.

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality is a technology that will continue to grow in 2022. It is a technology that combines the real world with the digital world. It is related to a more general concept called Mixed Reality, which refers to a situation where physical and virtual objects co-exist and interact in the same space. It means that you can see digital content overlayed on top of the physical world. 

Animated Signs with Motion-activated Technology

This industry’s hottest trend is animated signs with motion-activated technology. This type of signage is interactive and engaging, which helps capture passersby’s attention. It’s a great way to communicate a message in a fun and interesting way.

Another trend starting to emerge in the signage industry is 3D printing. This technology allows businesses to create custom-made signs that are unique and eye-catching. 3D printing is rapidly becoming a popular option for businesses because it will create truly one-of-a-kind signs.

So, what do these trends mean for businesses? Well, it means that there is a lot of potential for creativity and improvement. 

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Business Signage

8 Reasons Why LED Signs Work So Well

LED digital signs are the most requested signage for good reason.

A well-designed LED sign is eye-catching, clean, and classy. Along with LED signs, we also offer digital, wayfinding, pylon, monument, cabinet, awnings, and channel letter signs as well.

Let’s take a look at 10 ways a great quality digital LED sign helps your storefront stand out.



The moving animation and bright colors of digital LED signs grab people’s attention far more than a basic banner.  In fact, it is said that as much as 70% of people that read a message on an LED sign better than other types. LED Signs are vibrant and bright and simply grab people’s attention and hold on tight.


Built-Tough & Long Lasting

An LED Sign is built to withstand some of the toughest weather conditions possible. In fact, they typically last more than 10 years in perfect condition. They are vandal resistant and easily one of the best choices for long lasting signage.


Environmentally Friendly

LED signs use very little electricity. You probably know that LED lights are very inexpensive to operate in your home, and the same is true for your sign. In fact, LED Signs take less energy than your home’s air conditioning unit.  Bright flashy signs may seem like they’re expensive to operate, however, they are quite cheap and economical.


Increases Brand Awareness

A bright and well-designed sign that grabs attention means people remember what’s on the sign – your business name.  Attention and recognition help with your branding and general awareness.

Your branding is a very important part of your marketing efforts.  People will remember a good sign and what it says. A new LED sign brings your business up to date and adds a level of trust to clients looking for your types of services.


Longer Life Span

LED signs last on average 6 more years than other illuminated signs like neon signs or fluorescent bulb signs, making LED signs a sound investment. The lifespan of an LED sign is well over 10 years and needs almost no maintenance. The sign will remain bright and beautiful for years to come.


LED Digital Signs Are Easy To Update

LED signs are extremely versatile and customizable.  While other signs are stagnate and permanent, LED signs can change their wording or imagery easily.  LED signs present a great opportunity to update the community.  Schools, health places, and retail stores can all take advantage of LED signs’ ability to change and give different and useful information to customers and clients. These offer a great way to introduce events, announce a sale or make people aware of changes to the business.


Automated Brightness Control

Automatic brightness control allows your sign to be seen during a bright sunny day but won’t blind people at night and is very similar to your phone’s screen.

When our phones or signs adjust to the ideal brightness automatically, it’s comfortable and we don’t have to think about it. But without automation, you’re constantly changing the settings or getting frustrated with it being too bright or not bright enough.



You can offer videos and moving clips that are attention-grabbing. Studies have shown that an LED digital sign has one of the highest returns on investment, as you can display a huge amount of information in the form of pictures, text, and moving video footage. People tend to notice an LED sign more often and is an amazing aid to other forms of marketing.

Are you in need of an LED sign or have other questions? Call the experts at National Neon and increase customer awareness, attention, and sales.


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Business Signage

What signage type is right for your business?


If you are a business owner, this question applies to you. Now, we assume you run a brick and mortar operation and this means you need the right signage to draw attention to your business and improve sales. Now, the right signage for you depends on a number of factors. However, before recommending a particular signage type, we should look at the different types of signage you can get and the qualities of each one.


External Branding

This refers to signage that can include banner signs, panel signage and striking monoliths. These signs are placed in strategic places and they make your outfit stand out from the crowd. External branding signage points out your location to prospective customers so this makes then valuable.


Storefront Sign

Most brick and mortar businesses have storefront signage. These signs can be designed in many ways and they come in different sizes. The best thing about these signs is that they pinpoint your exact location and practically invite customers into your premises. Storefront signage is the perfect option for restaurants, bars and retailers. 


Monument Sign

Most business owners can use a monument sign because it is versatile. These signs are cost effective and they help your business in the sense that people passing by will notice the monument signs and connect them with your business. 


The Lighted Sign

The lighted sign is also called illuminated signage. It is perfect for businesses that operate at night because this sign points out your business premises to prospective customers even in low-lit areas. The lighted sign is sophisticated and the best part is that it does not cost a fortune. Experts can use low-cost LED lighting to create a near-perfect sign for you. 


Digital Signage

This is the digital age so if you want to be relevant as a business owner, it pays to embrace digital signage. Digital signage makes a lot of sense because of the reasons below:


Effective Communication

This is one of the greatest benefits of digital signage. With this sign in place, you can interact with your customers and communicate directly with them while they are in your store. For instance, digital signage in a restaurant can point out special offers, dish of the day and other special services. This improves overall sales and makes your customers feel special. 


Other Benefits

Other benefits of digital signage include attention-grabbing displays, contextual updates and improving impulse purchase sales. Finally, digital signage is a cost-effective advert strategy for retailers and restaurant owners. Try this option and you will notice amazing results.

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