Besides their aesthetic popularity for storefront signage, illuminated channel letters are critical for your business to be seen at all hours of the day or night. With interior LED illumination, these letter are easily visible in the nighttime hours.

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Illuminated Channel Letters help you beat the darkness by lighting your letters from within, coming to life and grabbing attention as much, if not more, after dark.

National Neon Signs typically creates illuminated channel letter signs out of an aluminum backing, creating a three dimensional effect. They are illuminated by LED lighting, usually with white, but with the option of RBGW LED’s, then are capped off with an acrylic cover and your choice of vinyl colour. Your options are limitless with illuminated channel letter signage.

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The Benefits Of Distinct Signage

There are a host of benefits that come with defined signage. Customers will:

  • Identify immediately with your brand
  • See your business from farther away (especially at night)
  • See your business more often, creating a lasting impression

Solid 3D Letters To Keep  Eyes On Your Brand

Three dimensional letters give a sense of solidity to your sign which flat even or painted letters just can’t achieve. National Neon Signs can build you solid, 3D lettering designed to grab your viewer’s attention, and implant that image into their memory. Make sure your first impression lasts with quality-built signage.

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