Types Of Physical Distancing Signs And How They Can Help Your Business

Physical distancing is the new reality your customers live in. In order to cater to their needs, your business must help them comply with pandemic-related rules and regulations. A good sign can help you to cater to your customer’s needs create a well-designed and functional sign for your business.

Let’s see why you need physical distancing signs and how a well-crafted sign increases customer confidence and helps you win business over the competition.


Main Purposes And Types Of Physical Distancing Signs


There are two main purposes of such signs: directional and instructional.


Directional Signs


Directional signs help your customers find their way around your shop or building. By guiding them along, you enable these people to find what they need in a fast and safe manner.

Place your directional physical distancing signs on the floor to pinpoint the traffic flow directions. This enables customers to find the entrance and the exit with ease.


Instructional Signs


Use instructional signs to remind your visitors of the physical distancing rules they need to observe. Also, use these signs in all areas that are prone to attracting groups of people such as reception desks and cashier areas. This helps everyone feel safer while shopping inside your store.

Instructional signs also show that you care for the health and well-being of the community members and potential clients. The fact that you invest in signage is a sign that you put your customer above anything else.

There are several types of signs that work best for this kind of message: floor signs, wall signs, and wind signs.


Floor Signs


Always apply your directional signs directly on the floor, particularly by entrances and exits, as well as by a cashier’s area.

Arrows are the clearest way to ensure the traffic flows as you intend. As customers need to maintain a safe distance, placing various markers on your signs such as colored dots, rectangles and lines helps customers to know where to stand to wait in line.

One of the biggest advantages of floor signs is that they are fairly inexpensive yet very effective. Besides, they don’t take up any valuable space. As long as your office or shop has a floor, you’re all set to help your customers and business partners stay safe during their visit.


Wall Signs


Place informational and instructional signs on the walls of your building to remind your visitors of the most important physical distancing rules.

These signs work best in those areas where people have to wait for something. When you design these signs, ensure they are clear and easy to read. If people need to put on their reading glasses or otherwise struggle to understand or comprehend your message, then the sign is ineffective.

For best results, use easily legible typefaces and choose the biggest font size possible.


Benefits To Your Customers


By knowing how to move and where to stand inside your building, your customers feel reassured that you care about their health and safety, even if they’re not consciously thinking about it. The safer they feel, the more positive they’ll feel about your business which increases the chances that they recommend your business to their friends and family members.


Benefits To Your Business


By showing your customers that you care for them, you encourage them to visit your facilities more often and to spend more time in your shop or building. This is one of the most effective ways to drive additional revenue and therefore to score better profits by increasing your sales volumes.

In addition, giving back to your community is an absolute must. Physical distancing signs are a great start to building a good reputation for your business.

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