Banners Overview

Banners Overview

For small businesses and retail stores, use of banner signs is a cost-effective way of advertising. Physical banners have been used by both big and small businesses for different types of promotions.


To squeeze the most out of banner advertising, it’s important to broaden your knowledge about different types of banners, materials used to create banners and uses of banners. When it comes to advertising through banners, you should always make sure that you are getting the most value for your money and your investment will generate a great return.


Different Types of Banners


A banner that suits the needs of one business may not suit others. So, you should always invest in the right type of banners. Below, you’ll find a list of different types of banners and the locations for which they are most suitable.


Pull Up Banners:

Also referred to as pop up banners, pull up banners can be easily moved from one place to another. They are called ‘pull up’ because you can fold and keep it them for use at future events. These banners work best when you want to promote your products or services inside exhibition halls or offices. Pull up banners are also affordable.


Bow Banners:

These banners are highly noticeable and are used in places like market stalls or at sporting events. A good bow banner has the quality of rotating with the wind, rather than getting entangled.


Mesh Banners:

Mesh banners are mostly used in areas where construction or development work is going on. They work as wraps for temporary fences. You can easily install these banners in windy locations because they have small holes all over them, hence the name.


There are many other types of banners, based on whether they are placed on a roof, ceiling, wall, fence, stage etc.


Materials Used to Make Banners

Banners used by brick and mortar business are made of different materials, of which vinyl is the most popular. Vinyl banners are most preferred because they are very durable in exposed situations or weather like wind, rain and sunlight. Acrylic and polyester banners are other materials that are used to create banner displays. Paper banners, used for indoor advertising needs, are less durable but cheaper than other banners.


Common Uses of Banners

Using banners can bring a number of benefits to a business. Banners are used to run an array of promotions.


Sell More Products:

Banners that advertise products or services help a business increase sales. No matter where they are placed, they tell customers about the features and benefits of your products.


Attract Attention:

Brick and mortar business located on busy streets or highways use banners to attract the attention of commuters and drivers as they move past. A creative use of various banner elements like graphics, fonts and style will maximize results.


Announce Offers:

Discounted offers and seasonal discounts are an excellent way for businesses to boost sales. You can convey this information to prospects and customers through banners.


Give Directions:

Banners are also used to provide easy directions to customers inside a business complex or office building.



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