Business Signs Overview

Overview of Business Signage

Business signs (or signage) have existed for generations. They have been used to let customers know about a new company and what it deals in. While traveling or commuting, you must have come across all kinds of business signs that use visual graphics to present information.

From simple stonework displays to LED digital signage, business signs have truly come a long way over the years.



Business signs are at least as old as history. Though there is no true record of when or how they were first developed, the history of modern signage can be easily tracked to the Greek or Roman era.


Researches reveal that the first signs were made of stone. In the olden days, these signs were less textual and more graphical. Most people in those days were illiterate and so using symbols was the most practical way of announcing the existence of a tavern or a workshop. Towards the end of the Dark Ages, the design of these signs began to improve. Rising competition forced businesses to think of more creative ways to design signs.


In the 18th century, the advent of new technologies like printing press and electricity led to some more evolution in the design of these signs. Business signs became more innovative and used a unique combination of text and visual imagery for maximum impact. Today, the business sign industry has grown to a whopping $50 billion dollar a year.


Why Business Signs are so Helpful

Using business signs really pays off. For a business with a small marketing budget, signage offers a cost-effective way of laying the foundation for future sales. As per a FedEx survey, around 75 per cent of those surveyed actually visited a store they’d never been to because of its signage.


Here are a couple of ways in which signs can be helpful:

Location: A business sign is like a guidepost which guides customers to an office or store. If you have started a business, you can use these signs to attract people’s attention and let them know your address.


Branding: Every brand is different in the manner it displays itself and caters to the needs of customers. Business signs make it easy to showcase your brand promise and stand apart from the competition.


Product Information: Whether it is a product or a service that you offer, people need to know about it. A business sign doesn’t only enable you to let people know who you are but also what you do.


Awareness: It is a good idea to capitalize on the big crowds a local event or fair attracts with the help of business signs. A lot of businesses use signage at events to attract attendees walking by.


When crafted and placed right, business signs offer an excellent way to magnetize customers and boost your sales. Key elements of a business sign include company name, logo, website URL and a call to action. You should seek the help of business signs experts to create signage which looks professional, grabs attention and conveys your brand message aptly.

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