Based in Calgary, Alberta, National Neon has emerged as one of Canada’s premier sign companies operating nationwide, providing functional, integrated, and advanced sign solutions to its clients. From Concept to Completion, National Neon Signs offers a true turn key service system that accommodates all signage needs & demands, while delivering a quality customer experience. With over 65 years of experience and having worked with just about every type of industry, look no further than National Neon for the best business signs Calgary has to offer! Whether you are looking for a sign for your storefront, restaurant, strip mall, high school. hotel, no matter how big or small your business is, we have you covered!

Below you will find a list of the different types of signs we offer and some examples of recent signage projects that we have worked on. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out, request a quote or just follow us on social media!

Our Most Popular Signs for Businesses

Our Calgary Signage Services

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Trusted by some of Calgary's biggest companies for their signage needs.

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..and thousands of local businesses.


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    Our Exterior Commercial Sign Shop is conveniently located at the above address in Southeast Calgary, close to the Calgary Humane Society and the Canadian Pacific Railway. We are 20 minutes away from Downtown Calgary, 24 minutes from Calgary International Airport, and about 30 minutes from Nose Hill Park.


    Reasons why your business needs a new sign

    New signage for a business is imperative every few years, especially in colder climates where signs decay. Think about the number of cars that pass by your business on a daily business. It is imperative that youput your best foot forward and the sign is the thing that they will see every day that makes them think of you. The sign grabs their attention, and has the abbility to attract new customers to your business just by simply being in front of them and top of mind. Even if they don't stop by physically, maybe they pull up your website and make an online purchase or inquiry. Here are some more reasons why your business may need a new sign.

    It is Outdated.
    How long has it been since the sign for your business has been replaced? Maybe you bought commercial space and used an existing sign or maybe it has broken down over the years. Once you look at the more modern day options, you're going to see how an upgrade can translate into increased sales & revenue. You want your business to catch the eyes of consumers.

    Make a Great First Impression.
    Your business has to get noticed if it is going to succeed. Maybe you're already riding a wave of success, but continued growth is certainly your main objective. How can you get more people through that door. Research suggests that the right sign certainly plays its role in attracting new clientele to your business.

    Comparibly Priced.
    You should compare the cost of new signage with other advertising efforts. You will see that this cost-efficient strategy is worth the investment for sure. The community impact that new signage can have lasts well into the future. Maybe you've seen other businesses putting up new signage, and that is what has made you take notice.

    It's important to look at different advertising strategies and invest in what works. We know that good signage works, and it is perhaps time for you to upgrade what you've got. As much as it may suck, people are sometimes vain. They view a business without a nice sign as a company that is potentially struggling and one to avoid. They may even think that the owner is viewed as someone who doesn't really care to invest in his or her business' growth.

    An eye-catching sign, on the other hand, signals to customers that your business has what they need. They want to be a part of something special, and you are showing them that is exactly what you have to offer. You want your customers to relate to your business, and a good sign can help with this.

    Every business owner is always looking for a way to increase sales. While there are other avenues of bringing in more business, for brick and mortar based companies, it all comes down to first impressions, and a sign does exactly that. If you are ready for a new display for your business, please get in touch with us and we will get yoou started on the process to making your business stand out better and put its best foot forward. Get in touch with our sales and design team, and let our experts help you take your business to the next level.
    Why We Love Calgary Businesses

    National Neon Signs has been operating in Calgary since 1949. That means we have worked with A LOT of Calgary businesses.
    Here are some of the reasons we feel makes them special:

    • They are hard working. We love the work ethic of the Calgary business owners that we deal with on a regular basis.
    • They appreciate value and quality. Calgarians have an eye and a taste for the finer things and value quality over cost.
    • They are run by genuine and great people. As we all know, Canadians are great people in general, but we sure love the people we get to work with on a daily basis to help them with their Calgary signs and display advertising needs.