Make your building shine in the darkness with architectural lighting and building accents.  Many people put a lot of thought into the design of their indoor lighting, but outdoor lighting is just as, or maybe even more, important because it’s

Illuminating Architecture: The Role of Architectural Lighting and Building Accents in Modern Design

If you’re looking to mark your property or business in a creative way, consider a monument sign. These large signs stand at eye level and act as a landmark for properties. They come in various shapes and sizes, which allows

Anchoring Your Brand: How Monument Signs Define Corporate and Retail Spaces

Offering tremendous creative possibilities, a good pylon sign can lead to more customers and higher sales. The right pylon sign can amplify your business’s message and increase its daily visibility. A pylon sign is a tall outdoor sign that’s held

Stand Tall and Stand Out: The Benefits of Pylon Signs for Your Business in Canada

A well-designed storefront sign is your first impression on the world around you. A business needs impactful storefront signs to market itself. Effective signage amplifies a brand and attracts a customer base. Businesses often underestimate the art of storefront signage. 

Creating a Lasting First Impression: The Art of Effective Storefront Signage

That’s where wayfinding signage comes to the rescue. Providing visitors with information and directions, these signs are essential in many environments. People visit hotels, hospitals, and airports daily and are often on their way to a specific destination. A wayfinding

Navigating Success: The Impact of Wayfinding Signs in Hotels, Hospitals, and Airports

Picture this! You’re driving down the road after sunset and see a glowing light in the distance. What can it be? As you get closer, you discover it’s a digital LED sign for a local business. Many businesses use LED

How Digital LED Signage Can Revolutionize Your Business’s Visibility

LED displays and lights are becoming increasingly popular as people discover their many advantages over traditional LCDs. For example, LED panels are significantly more durable and offer a much longer lifespan. Also, LED monitors feature higher screen resolution. So it’s

LCD vs. LED: Which is better for promoting your business

Designing digital signs has a bit of a learning curve – but with these tips, you will be a pro in no time!  Make a plan First and foremost, you need to consider the purpose of your sign. What do

Digital sign design tips

Digital signage advertising has been a popular marketing tool for businesses more or less since it made its way to the market. There are tons of benefits to using it. Let’s go through some of the benefits and talk about

Benefits of Digital Signage Advertising

You’ve seen digital signs in all sorts of businesses, ranging from fast-food joints to retail stores. While at first glance they might not seem like a necessary expense, the truth is that digital signs can be highly effective for businesses

How Effective Is Digital Signage For Business?