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Is your Edmonton business sign confusing, worn-out, damaged, or outdated?
People notice a sign that’s ugly or showing signs of age. If your sign is confusing, hard to read, or has wrong or outdated information, your customers will be turned off. A bad business sign reflects poorly on your brand and risks losing foot traffic and presence of mind.
How you promote your business affects how customers interact with you. A large part of your brand recognition, marketing strategy, and communication lays with your choice of signage. Making sure your sign is clear, legible, and conveys the right message instills confidence in your clientele and contributes to the success of your business.
National Neon has earned a reputation as Edmonton & Canada’s premier nationwide sign company by providing functional, integrated, and well-designed custom signs to our clients.
From Concept to Completion, National Neon offers a true turn-key service system that accommodates all signage needs & demands, while delivering a quality customer experience.
As one of Edmonton's top choices for business storefront signs, digital signs, pylon signs, and more, we're proud to extend our services as a Sign Company in Calgary as well. Check out our top-selling signs below and see which signage solution is right for you. 

Our expertise spans across various types of signage, ensuring you find the perfect match for your business needs, whether you're in Edmonton or Calgary

Our Most Popular Edmonton AB Business Signs

What We Can Do For You

Pylon Signs

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Stand tall above the competition and attract more customers with a highly visible pylon sign. These free-standing signs are designed to act as a landmark and to be seen from far away. They can be large and easily read from a passing car or shorter to stand out among other signs or between trees.

Pylon signs are cost-effective,  versatile, illuminated or non-illuminated, and fully customizable.

Storefront Signage

Make a great first impression and tell your customers they're in the right place with well-designed storefront signs.  Guide people to your store and draw the attention of passerby’s. These signs spark interest, advertise your brand and give you a competitive advantage.

Make your building visible 24 hours with illuminated channel letters and logos.

Monument Signs

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If your business is hard to find or located off the street, a monument sign introduces your business and lets customers know they're in the right place. Typically standing under 6 feet and wider than they are tall, these signs combine eye-pleasing graphics and architecture using a variety of building materials.
Put these signs in front of buildings, shopping centers, schools, subdivisions, business parks, or other sites.

Wayfinding Signs

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Wayfinding signs are an important part of the customer experience. They provide easy-to-understand directional, informational, identification, and safety information. These signs create familiarity and extend your brand throughout your building.
These are especially prevalent in businesses such as healthcare, transportation, school campuses, or anywhere where people need visual cues.

Architectural Lighting & Building Accents

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Emphasize the distinct architectural features of a sign, building, or other structure. Add an illuminated dynamic to your sign or building and ensure your business is visible day or night and seen from far away.

Digital LED Signage

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A digital LED sign, a hallmark of Digital Signs Canada, provides effective and customized communication with your clients. You can change your message whenever you need, add movement, and create an eye-catching & bright design. These signs are budget-friendly and visible day or night, making them a versatile choice for businesses looking to enhance their visibility and engagement with customers across Canada.

Our Edmonton Signage Services

concept and design

Vibrant Signage Design

Our highly skilled graphic designers will bring your sign to life, creating an eye-pleasing design that perfectly represents the brand.

concept and design

Premium Sign Fabrication

We only use high-quality products and experienced craftsman to fabricate your sign. We invest in the most advanced manufacturing equipment to ensure reliable and precise in-house fabrication.

concept and design

Thorough Sign Installation

Once your sign is installed, we follow a detailed checklist to ensure every detail of the job was done correctly and to your standards. Trained staff are on hand to answer your questions and ensure all of your concerns are addressed straight away.

concept and design

Efficient Sign Project Management

Our experienced project management team will alleviate stress and uncertainty with your sign project rollout. We take a hands-on approach to complete each stage of your project on time and budget.

concept and design

Comprehensive Project Analysis

We take the time to examine every element of your project, from selecting the best materials, fabrication process, and installation. We provide fully engineered drawings to ensure all structural components are certified and safe.

concept and design

Expert IT Support

A dedicated team is on hand to give you exceptional technical support, strategic advice, and assistance with all of your IT and programming needs.

Custom Designed Digital LED Signs

LED Signage first and foremost grabs the consumers attention while allowing you to be more creative with your real world advertising campaigns.

It’s an advertising medium where businesses are free to explore different ways of presenting value propositions to their target audience - without the limitations of design space traditional signs have.

LED Signage is the future (and present) of real world advertising.

Our Most Popular Custom Digital Edmonton Signs Company


At National Neon Signs we work with you and your business to design your sign concept.


After the design is finalized, we will install the signage for you.


We offer repair services to make sure that your business always looks its best.

Wayfinding Signs

Wayfinding Signs makes it easy for people to understand where they currently are, and see what facilities, amenities or businesses are nearby.

It’s not just about helping people to not get “lost”, but making it easy for anyone to go from point A to B.

This type of signage is essential for offices, malls, airports, or large sporting venues

Freestanding Signs

Freestanding Signs have been around for decades - because they work!

They are meant to grab the attention of people on the street, create a sense of industry dominance for a business or property, and provide a marketing and branding platform that gets easily noticed.

What Our Clients have to say About Us

james clouthier

National Neon is fantastic! Christine was a pleasure to deal with, and everything arrived on time and in perfect order. I would be happy to engage them for any future projects!

Mint Smartwasher

National Neon's quality craftsmanship, willingness to do what it takes and customer service made it an easy decision to work with their team and make them our signage partner for our car wash expansion.

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National Neon Signs is proud to serve businesses throughout Edmonton with all of their commercial signage needs. Whether your business needs a new traditional storefront sign or a modern LED Digital sign, we have you covered. Here are some of the areas that we serve in Edmonton.

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At National Neon Signs, we proudly serve businesses throughout the Metro Vancouver and Fraser Valley with all of their commercial sign needs. Including signage clients in:

National Neon Signs & Displays Ltd. Proudly Serves Businesses Throughout Alberta, Canada & North America With Their Signage Needs. Let Us Help You.