There’s a direct correlation to signage and profit. And studies show that adding a sign will increase sales revenues.
Average increase in sales revenue:
Replacement of storefront sign with a larger sign: 7.7% increase
Sometimes fascia signs aren’t prominent enough for your business. Whether your store operates beside a highway and needs better signage visibility, or you have a building with a variety of stores that need unique signage to guide potential customers where they need to go, freestanding signs give you the space and visibility that few other signs allow.
Freestanding signs are standalone figures, detached from buildings, with a solid base made from permanent, lasting materials such as brick or concrete. There are a number of different styles of freestanding signs:

Pylon signs – freestanding signs with visible supporting posts or other foundational structure. You can often find these in parking lots of malls, or other large establishments.

Monument signs – a low-profile, freestanding sign close to the ground. When space is limited on a property, monument signs can be a great option. Similar to pylon signs, they are used to stamp a property or development.

Rotating multi-tenant signs – freestanding signage often found in strip malls, crafted to show a variety of storefronts in an efficient manner to help guide potential customers to individual business’ doorsteps.

Installing Your Signage in the Prime Spot

Your building sits at the center of your property, but the high traffic areas are near the sidewalk, on the highway, or at the intersection at the corner of your lot. You can’t move your building to create better visibility, but you can place your sign in the ideal spot that will allow for the most exposure. The more people that see your sign, the more effective that sign will be.

Make Your Sign Your Own

With freestanding signs you’re free to build a sign that will work across all three dimensions, adding depth and colour to your branding, as well as drawing the eyes of everyone who passes by.

Choose National Neon Signs

Creating, manufacturing, and installing a freestanding signage is a major undertaking. From the more in-depth design processes, to the manufacturing procedure, and the eventual installation ensuring sure your sign will survive whatever elements are thrown at it (like our cold, Canadian winters) – it’s important to trust your sign maker.

Be sure of your sign. Call National Neon Signs Be sure of your sign.