Lighted luminous neon gas was once the wave of the future with all kinds of businesses scrambling to enter this new, bright and colourful world. But what once was the cutting edge has faded out of popularity with the ever increasing speed of technology leading to more efficient and cost effective lighting solutions. While the application for neon has diminished greatly over the years, they have not been forgotten, and hold a special place in the sign world.


Create That Nostalgic Glow

At National Neon Signs, we believe what the sign spells out is only half your message, and that steady, soft glow of neon still has a space in this digital, fast-paced world. While neon light signs may not keep up with younger, spry digital signage, it creates an atmosphere the digital world can only wish for, adding a halo of light and charm to your business.


That colourful neon glow has long been a hallmark of cities, and plenty of businesses still desire a well-constructed neon sign to infuse vintage charm into their storefront. National Neon Signs brings these enchanting lights back to life, and can create whatever display you need for your brand.


Sign-making used to be art as much as design (forgive us here if we indulge in a bit of nostalgia here). From gold-leaf, to intricately bent glass tubes full of luminous neon gas, sign-makers were artisans alerting the world to their clients’ storefronts everywhere.

It’s getting harder and harder to find a sign-maker dedicated to putting the time in to make a beautiful neon sign, whether it’s the word BAR in a single colour, or an intricate, multi-coloured sign advertising a nightclub, book club, or midnight coffee shop.

Whatever type of sign you want, National Neon Signs can help – from the initial design of your piece, to the specialized production and final installation.

Neon signs work well inside establishments, bringing in the same allure and big-city (circa 1940) feel that they bring outdoors. But don’t settle for pre-made neon signage with stock phrases – National Neon Signs can create the perfect neon light signs for your wall, whatever design you desire.

Neon Signage: For 70+ Years & Counting!

With over 70 years in the industry, we were still around when neon was the light to have for every business down the strip. In fact, we still remember when Vancouver was the neon capital of Canada (check out some pictures – it was impressive). Over the years we’ve constantly evolved, making sure our products and services get better and better. Today we are confident that we can give you the best neon signage we’ve ever been able to.
Whether you love the nostalgia of buzzing neon as much as we do, or just want a low-key sign to advertise your speakeasy, we can create a neon sign that will speak volumes.