Statistical Evidence: Why Physical Signage is Still Significant in This Digital Age

Customers and their trends in purchasing items can be rather difficult to predict. What if there’s a way for you to be absolutely sure that you’ll get an increase in income by doing one step? The secret is the business signage.


The modern age has clouded our physical senses with all the latest technology. This has left many businesses confused as to which new marketing systems to utilize. However, scientific studies have shown that advertising, especially using LEDs and on-premise signs, has a special ability. Partnering with a signage company in Edmonton and Calgary can help you leverage this advantage effectively. These companies are skilled at designing and implementing LED signs that catch the eye and communicate your message clearly, ensuring your business stands out in a crowded market.


Not only will they attract a larger number of customers, they tend to aid in increased revenue as well.


Why Physical Signage is Still Significant in this Digital Age

You might wonder how something as simple as a sign can have such a benefit. It almost seems too good to be true. A sign doesn’t seem to correlate to sales or increased revenue. However, keep these points in mind:


A Top Advertising Tool

The first factor to consider is the sign itself. Humans have adapted to communicate through symbols and signs. As a result, this makes it a prime marketing tool when reaching out to new markets. 


Not only is it effective, it is also ‘permanent.’ This is because a person viewing the sign won’t have the ability to close the ad like on a website or flip a page in a newspaper. The bright lights and bold lettering draw people in and make their shopping experience easier. Utilizing digital signage in Canada enhances this effect, as these modern, dynamic displays can adjust content in real-time, engage customers more deeply, and provide vital information efficiently, ensuring that your message remains both visible and impactful in a variety of settings.


According to a study conducted by Rich Media Technologies, 63% of people tend to notice signs more than any other type of advertisement. 


Furthermore, VA Global has discovered that 42% of people would choose to go to a store with digital LED signs rather than one with none at all. Reasons ranged from the signs being informative to keeping them from getting bored


Customers: New and Old

Attracting customers is a whole different ordeal. The signs that grab these people’s attention actually lead to roughly 50% of your walk-in customers, as described by Signs: The Bottom Line.


With the ever-changing globalization, the wave of moving people is a constant. Studies have reported that 12-20% of people emigrate annually. With signs being one of the best ways to get a hold of people’s attention, you can gain new customers through this tactic as well.


Brand Awareness

As most people in business would know, branding plays an extremely vital role in a customer’s interest towards your products. You’d want your brand so ingrained into their minds that if you only gave them the slightest of hints, they would still gravitate towards your products. 


A UK study conducted by Samsung UK proved that 83% of businesses placed signing as their main factor when it came to customers recognizing their brands. 


Need Convincing?

If you still aren’t sure how effective signage can be to your business, let’s do a clear comparison. You can have the same budget amount for an advertising campaign. 


The cost and effectiveness of using one large LED sign are the same as 24 full-paged newspaper advertisements. Using a sign will let you keep the advertisement in place for a longer period of time and give your business larger exposure to the public.



Let’s just base it off the numbers: having a sign really has no evident setbacks towards your business or sales. Instead, it provides a great range of benefits that your business can gain from.  


Plus, all you have to do is design and install the sign in the desired area. After that, you let human nature and science do all the marketing for you.

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