What signage type is right for your business?


If you are a business owner, this question applies to you. Now, we assume you run a brick and mortar operation and this means you need the right signage to draw attention to your business and improve sales. Now, the right signage for you depends on a number of factors. However, before recommending a particular signage type, we should look at the different types of signage you can get and the qualities of each one.


External Branding

This refers to signage that can include banner signs, panel signage and striking monoliths. These signs are placed in strategic places and they make your outfit stand out from the crowd. External branding signage points out your location to prospective customers so this makes then valuable.


Storefront Sign

Most brick and mortar businesses have storefront signage. These signs can be designed in many ways and they come in different sizes. The best thing about these signs is that they pinpoint your exact location and practically invite customers into your premises. Storefront signage is the perfect option for restaurants, bars and retailers. 


Monument Sign

Most business owners can use a monument sign because it is versatile. These signs are cost effective and they help your business in the sense that people passing by will notice the monument signs and connect them with your business. 


The Lighted Sign

The lighted sign is also called illuminated signage. It is perfect for businesses that operate at night because this sign points out your business premises to prospective customers even in low-lit areas. The lighted sign is sophisticated and the best part is that it does not cost a fortune. Experts can use low-cost LED lighting to create a near-perfect sign for you. 


Digital Signage

This is the digital age so if you want to be relevant as a business owner, it pays to embrace digital signage. Digital signage makes a lot of sense because of the reasons below:


Effective Communication

This is one of the greatest benefits of digital signage. With this sign in place, you can interact with your customers and communicate directly with them while they are in your store. For instance, digital signage in a restaurant can point out special offers, dish of the day and other special services. This improves overall sales and makes your customers feel special. 


Other Benefits

Other benefits of digital signage include attention-grabbing displays, contextual updates and improving impulse purchase sales. Finally, digital signage is a cost-effective advert strategy for retailers and restaurant owners. Try this option and you will notice amazing results.

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