Top Signage Trends for 2023

top signage trends for 2022

To stay competitive in the future, a business owner must keep up with trends. Though it seems far away, 2022 is just around the corner, and new trends are on the way.

Signage is evolving as technology does; there are a few trends to look out for. Perhaps the most obvious trend is the increasing use of digital signage, which uses electronic displays to show text, images, or video. It’s perfect for catching people’s attention as they walk by, and it can be used to convey a lot of information quickly and easily. Alongside digital options, vinyl lettering remains a popular choice due to its versatility and effectiveness. It can be used to complement digital displays by adding a personal or stylish touch to static parts of your signage, ensuring your messages are not only dynamic but also visually appealing.

Signage industry trends change on a daily basis; it is never the same. What will be the latest trends for 2022? Read on to find out! 

interactive signs

Interactive Signage

As businesses continue to evolve, the need for different types of signage will also increase. One of the most popular types of signage in recent years has been interactive signage. This type of signage allows customers to interact with it directly, creating a more engaging experience. To effectively implement this, businesses can collaborate with signage companies in Vancouver, Edmonton, and Calgary. These companies specialize in creating innovative and interactive solutions that can help businesses stand out and engage more deeply with their customers, enhancing the overall customer experience.

There are several reasons why interactive signage is becoming more popular. First, it allows customers to get more information about a product or service. Secondly, it can create a more interactive environment for customers.

Social Media Walls

Social media is drawing people’s attention these days, not just for personal use but also for business purposes. For example, businesses now use social media walls to show their brand, products, and services. It is now a common trend being witnessed in the day-to-day life of companies. Incorporating digital signage in Calgary can enhance this trend by seamlessly integrating social media walls into physical locations. This allows businesses to dynamically display real-time social media feeds and interactions, further engaging customers and promoting a vibrant, interactive brand presence.

Digital Hall-of-Fame

As we move further into the 21st century, more and more business is done online. It has led to a rise in digital signage that is displayed on screens instead of traditional paper signs. As time goes on, even more businesses will adopt digital signage as their primary mode of advertising. This trend is particularly evident with digital LED signs, which offer bright, dynamic displays that can be updated in real-time. These signs are not only effective for capturing the attention of passersby but also for delivering versatile and engaging content that can adapt to the latest trends and business needs.

Trigger-Based Personalised Content

Trigger-based personalized content considers the person’s actions in front of the screen. This type of content is tailored to specific customers based on their past interactions with a business. For example, if a customer enters a coffee shop, they may receive free coffee if they sign up to be on the mailing list. Integrating this personalized approach with storefront signs can significantly enhance the effectiveness of the marketing strategy. These storefront signs can work in conjunction with digital screens to visually prompt customers about such offers as soon as they approach, making the physical and digital interaction seamless and more engaging.

This content is designed to create a more personalised experience for customers and encourage them to return in the future.

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality (AR) is a technology that will continue to grow in 2022. It combines the real world with the digital world and is related to a more general concept called Mixed Reality, where physical and virtual objects co-exist and interact in the same space. This means that you can see digital content overlayed on top of the physical world. Integrating AR into storefront signs ideas and types can revolutionize how businesses engage with customers. By overlaying digital information or visuals on physical storefront signs, businesses can provide interactive experiences that attract and engage passersby in new and innovative ways.

Animated Signs with Motion-activated Technology

This industry’s hottest trend is animated signs with motion-activated technology. This type of signage is interactive and engaging, which helps capture passersby’s attention. It’s a great way to communicate a message in a fun and interesting way.

Another trend starting to emerge in the signage industry is 3D printing. This technology allows businesses to create custom-made signs that are unique and eye-catching. 3D printing is rapidly becoming a popular option for businesses because it will create truly one-of-a-kind signs.

So, what do these trends mean for businesses? Well, it means that there is a lot of potential for creativity and improvement. 

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