Why Finding A Great Signage Company Is Essential


Businesses today are faced with an increasingly competitive environment. The Internet has made it easier for even the smallest of companies to compete with brand building and engaging with prospective and current clients.

However, even in this increasingly virtual marketing environment, there are some tactics that companies still employ to win over new customers and keep existing customers.

One of these tactics is hiring the right signage company in Calgary that will take care of your business signage needs.


Signage – A Brief History

The first modern billboards, for instance, were erected at the turn of the century – but examples of signage can be found on excavated portions of retail establishments such as eateries in the ancient city of Pompei – and their use extends even further back than that.

The fact is that signage just works. It has simply stood the test of time. No matter how important advertising and promotional activity is, people still live in bricks and mortar world – and signage reaches them where they work, live, and play.


What A Great Signage Company Helps You Do

The importance of signage to companies offering both services and products cannot be overstated. But the question is, what do signage companies need to offer the business owners? What needs do these signage companies need to address?

Signage companies must consider multiple factors for your unique business sign.


Sign Type

The most important advice a qualified sign company can offer is on the type of signage best suited for that business. This depends on a variety of factors, including the type of product or service sold, the business location, the client demographics, and the environment within which that signage is to be used. 

Project Management Services
A qualified and professional signage company in Edmonton will offer project management services. Geared toward multi-phase projects and multiple signage types in a specific tender, bid, or RFP, project management teams within a signage company have the know-how to work with architects, contractors, and designers in order for product & fabrication knowledge and fulfill  production timelines and implementation with all parties involved



As with all purchases, the cost of the signage will factor into your decision-making. A qualified signage company will be able to offer clients advice on what the costs are involved in getting a sign for the business.  A professional signage company that provides its clients with quality work will pride itself on a quality finished product at a competitive price point.



Of course, then the signage company must be able to offer design services. This is especially important for smaller businesses that might not retain the services of a marketing agency or a dedicated in-house design team.

The best signage companies will have in-house teams that can produce a number of designs that the client can then evaluate – and choose which one best represents their brand – and will feed their sales funnel. It is the design expertise in the signage industry that allows great sign companies to truly bring a company’s business to life.



Then, perhaps as importantly, the signage company needs to offer a wide variety of options when it comes to signage. There are simply so many to choose from – and each has its place within the broader marketing mix.

Whether it’s interior or exterior, the range of options includes storefront signs, canopy signs, digital signs, digital billboards, freestanding signs, wayfinding signs, and many more. A business’s sign is an extension of that company’s unique brand and identity.


Customer Service

A great signage company in Vancouver will also be able to provide options as far as the materials that can be used for that signage and will deliver within the agreed-upon timeframes. A client also needs to factor in customer service – will a representative of the signage company be available at all times to answer questions and service their needs? Do they offer flexible schedules and understand the needs of certain customers? Will that company be able to service their sign when issues arise?

It’s the combination of expertise, customer service, scope of services, and products available – as well as competitive pricing while maintaining a high standard of quality that separates a great signage company in Winnipeg from the average.

Making the right choice allows your company to achieve a significant competitive advantage in the marketplace while having a signage supplier that will take care of your needs.

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