An Overview of Marquee Signs

Marquee signs are quite good at attracting people’s attention and advertising a business due to their vintage feel. Also, they are typically bordered with flashing light bulbs and can feature letters individually. You must have noticed marquee signs when visiting various business establishments like hotels, theaters and casinos. These signs have been in use for a long time, and they have evolved a lot over the last couple of years.

Usually, a marquee sign is comprised of letters which denote the name of a company or establishment. When used by theaters, it displays the title of a play or movie while artists may also be present at the venue. Most marquee signs use flashing yellow or white bulbs along the border.

Marquee signs are considered as a symbol of the past. Their popularity rose to heights in the 1930s.

These signs were first put up by theaters. When automobiles hit the market and more and more people owned them, there was an urgent need to use signs which could be noticed from inside moving cars on the road. And so, theater owners adopted vivid and flashing signs. Though marquee signs have a long association with theaters, hotels and casinos also embraced them later in a bid to attract vehicular traffic passing by.

Earlier, marquee signs had a rectangular shape which later transformed into a trapezoid for enhanced readability. With a change in shape, the marquee letters also became larger and they were combined with flashing lights and colors so as to be seen from fast moving cars.

Materials Used

This critical step along the way involves a complete detailed survey of each site to ensure the proposed signage will be of proper and appropriate scale to the site.

Marquee signs of the past were crafted from just two materials – glass and lights. Both of these materials were easily accessible by theater owners and were less expensive than most building materials in those days. Later, as time and needs evolved, sign designers also incorporated the use of light weight materials like porcelain and plastics for geographical locations where climatic conditions were not harsh or windy.


Today, the use of marquee signs isn’t limited to just theaters, hotels and casinos. A variety of businesses benefit from using lighted marquee sign in a number of ways. In fact, these flashing signs have stepped into people’s homes to complement the interior design.
You’ll also find bright marquee signs in use at many wedding receptions to attract attention and please guests.

Many people craft individual marquee letters themselves for indoor use. But if you are looking for well-designed, professional looking marquee signs for your business, you’ll need to get in touch with a sign manufacturing company. Sign companies are quite well-versed with an array of eye-catching designs and they know how to combine them with latest lighting technology to make the maximum impact on drivers and commuters.

The invention of LED technology has allowed sign designers to take marquee signs to the next level. Coupled with LED bulbs, marquee signs have the ability to catch attention from people seated even in modern cars, who you know zoom much faster than cars of the past.