That protection from the elements as you walk down the street? A canopy. You’re probably grateful for the extra shelter, especially if it’s a rainy day. And you’ll remember which stores spent the money, investing in their storefront by adding in a canopy. This might even put you in a better mood, and when the customer is happy upon entering your store, they’re more apt to make a purchase. Canopies and awnings offer a host of benefits to business owners, from reduced energy costs, to protection from the sun and rain for your customers. Whether you want canopy signage to add some extra architectural flair, or something larger and retractable to keep customers from getting wet on your deck, National Neon Signs can create the perfect awning for your business.
illuminated restaurant signs
illuminated restaurant signs

Canopies and Awnings Offer more than just Protection

Though canopies and awnings are great for keeping wind and rain off customers and buildings alike, a good awning from National Neon Signs pulls double duty, acting as a marketing tool while it keeps inclement weather at bay. We have a vast array of fabrics and awning types allowing you to find something to match your building’s aesthetics, ultimately representing your brand. With decades in the business and a vast array of awnings and canopies available, we can help you determine which product, style, application, and fabric will work best for your business’ needs.
illuminated restaurant signs
illuminated restaurant signs

Types of Business & Commercial Awning Signs


Awnings have come a long way since we started offering them more than 65 years ago. Once just fairly bland pieces of fabric placed there to keep the rain off, you can now get illuminated awnings that do a better job of attracting eyes better than many signs out there.

These attention grabbing canopies are great for high traffic retail.

They’re made from a translucent vinyl fabric with vinyl or digitally printed graphics applied to the surface and are generally illuminated with fluorescent lamps.

illuminated restaurant signs
illuminated restaurant signs
awning business signs
non illuminated storefront awning business signs
non illuminated awning sign for restaurant
non illuminated awning sign for bar
awning banner signs
awning storefront & commercial signs


From basic awnings designed to keep sun from glaring into your windows, to large, classy awnings done in your brand’s colours, we create awnings that will work for you, and show your business off in the best possible light. A perfect combination of decorative building element and signage in one, these canopies are typically made of a cloth fabric with latex graphics.

A well-made awning, matched to your building’s architecture can do more than just keep off rain or show off your storefront. A great awning can change the feel of your building, creating a classy look – one that’s become a very popular choice for high-end restaurants.


These large awnings are great for patios, or rooftop bars, where patrons wish to stay protected from rain, but may want to enjoy the sun when it’s out. By allowing you to keep your outdoor areas open regardless of weather, retractable awnings give you more room you can depend on. Whatever you want in an awning or canopy, give the professionals at National Neon Signs a call. We’ll help you find the awning you need, and fit it to your building and your brand.
retractable awnings for restaurants
retractable awnings for restaurants