Rather going unnoticed and under appreciated in their importance, wayfinding signage is some of the most common signage around. Whether it be in your local airport or hospital, this type of signage plays the crucial role of navigating the passerby from point A to B.


Don’t let your building confuse potential clients. You may not be able to do anything about the building’s design, but correctly placed, eye-catching wayfinding signage is crucial to help clients navigate through even the most complex facilities and improve overall customer experience.

Whether you are navigating through an airport or public train station, wayfinding systems are imperative to any facility that requires someone unassisted to get to their final destination.

Not All Signage is Created Equal

To have an effective wayfinding system, you need to know where your customers are looking, and what they’re looking for. At National Neon Signs, we’ve been in the business of making signs for over half a century, giving us insight not only into the sign owners, but what’s most effective at catching viewer’s eyes.

Creating the Right Wayfinding System for Your Business

Ineffective wayfinding can be frustrating experience like no other. Putting someone through a never ending maze will make one ponder why they ever came in the first place.
Don’t allow customers to get lost or rely on employees to find their way through your facility.
Call National Neon Signs and get your building outfitted with eye-pleasing, effective wayfinding systems that will keep your customers happy.