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Wayfinding Signage

Navigating Success: The Impact of Wayfinding Signs in Hotels, Hospitals, and Airports

That’s where wayfinding signage comes to the rescue. Providing visitors with information and directions, these signs are essential in many environments.

People visit hotels, hospitals, and airports daily and are often on their way to a specific destination. A wayfinding system, whether to an elevator, room, or flight gate, is usually required.

Having signs within your business will save you and your customers time. Asking for directions will become less frequent, making it easier for everyone. Here’s how wayfinding signs make an impact in various locations.

What Are Wayfinding Signs?

Wayfinding signs help people navigate from point A to point B. They are often found in local airports, hospitals, and hotels and are sometimes unnoticed and underappreciated. 

Where Are Wayfinding Signs Helpful?

Wayfinding signage is common in locations we visit every day. Offering guidance to customers and clients, a good design is often overlooked. Here are some of the places to find this signage and how it is used.

Airport Signs

With many gates, stores, restaurants, and operational centres, airports can quickly confuse passengers. Missing a flight or connection can slow down travel times and be more than just inconvenient. Signs indicating where to find gates help passengers to catch their flights on time.

Hospital Signs

Navigating a hospital for the first time without any direction can be challenging. Whether you’re visiting a family member, undergoing a procedure, or inquiring about a medical issue, finding the location you’re looking for is important. Signage is an effective way to navigate a new environment. 

Hotel Signs 

Hotels offer many types of amenities, such as pools, fitness centres, and spas. Having signage to show guests where to go is not only convenient but also profitable. It also saves employees time and lets guests experience everything the hotel offers. 

What Are the Benefits of Wayfinding Signs?

There are many advantages to wayfinding signage. It is versatile and works in various locations. Here are some of the benefits of wayfinding signage.

Better Customer Experience

Wayfinding signage tells customers where to go without having to ask for help. Such signs can improve the customer’s experience at your business as they can find their destination quickly and easily. 

Eliminates Confusion

Getting lost is frustrating and can lead to a negative customer experience. That’s where identification signs come in. A sign indicating where each location is with a well-designed graphic will help customers find what they are looking for without trouble. 

Improves Safety

Having a way to direct patrons to safety is important. Directions to emergency exits, elevators, stairways, and other important areas are essential during emergencies. Plan ahead with wayfinding signage. 

Where Can I Get Wayfinding Signs?

If you’re looking for an experienced wayfinding sign designer, look no further than National Neon. We provide signs to clients in Calgary, Edmonton, Lethbridge, Toronto, and Vancouver. With over 70 years of experience, our team is here to help; contact us for a quote today.

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