8 Reasons Why LED Signs Work So Well

LED digital signs are the most requested signage for good reason.

A well-designed LED sign is eye-catching, clean, and classy. Along with LED signs, we also offer digital, wayfinding, pylon, monument, cabinet, awnings, and channel letter signs as well.

Let’s take a look at 10 ways a great quality digital LED sign helps your storefront stand out.



The moving animation and bright colors of digital LED signs grab people’s attention far more than a basic banner.  In fact, it is said that as much as 70% of people that read a message on an LED sign better than other types. LED Signs are vibrant and bright and simply grab people’s attention and hold on tight.


Built-Tough & Long Lasting

An LED Sign is built to withstand some of the toughest weather conditions possible. In fact, they typically last more than 10 years in perfect condition. They are vandal resistant and easily one of the best choices for long lasting signage.


Environmentally Friendly

LED signs use very little electricity. You probably know that LED lights are very inexpensive to operate in your home, and the same is true for your sign. In fact, LED Signs take less energy than your home’s air conditioning unit.  Bright flashy signs may seem like they’re expensive to operate, however, they are quite cheap and economical.


Increases Brand Awareness

A bright and well-designed sign that grabs attention means people remember what’s on the sign – your business name.  Attention and recognition help with your branding and general awareness.

Your branding is a very important part of your marketing efforts.  People will remember a good sign and what it says. A new LED sign brings your business up to date and adds a level of trust to clients looking for your types of services.


Longer Life Span

LED signs last on average 6 more years than other illuminated signs like neon signs or fluorescent bulb signs, making LED signs a sound investment. The lifespan of an LED sign is well over 10 years and needs almost no maintenance. The sign will remain bright and beautiful for years to come.


LED Digital Signs Are Easy To Update

LED signs are extremely versatile and customizable.  While other signs are stagnate and permanent, LED signs can change their wording or imagery easily.  LED signs present a great opportunity to update the community.  Schools, health places, and retail stores can all take advantage of LED signs’ ability to change and give different and useful information to customers and clients. These offer a great way to introduce events, announce a sale or make people aware of changes to the business.


Automated Brightness Control

Automatic brightness control allows your sign to be seen during a bright sunny day but won’t blind people at night and is very similar to your phone’s screen.

When our phones or signs adjust to the ideal brightness automatically, it’s comfortable and we don’t have to think about it. But without automation, you’re constantly changing the settings or getting frustrated with it being too bright or not bright enough.



You can offer videos and moving clips that are attention-grabbing. Studies have shown that an LED digital sign has one of the highest returns on investment, as you can display a huge amount of information in the form of pictures, text, and moving video footage. People tend to notice an LED sign more often and is an amazing aid to other forms of marketing.

Are you in need of an LED sign or have other questions? Call the experts at National Neon and increase customer awareness, attention, and sales.


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