How Good Signs Increases Sales For Your Business


Businesses with great well-designed signs that stand out are more easily remembered, and help drive more sales.

Just think about it? How did you come to know about some of your favorite products or brands?

Just take a small walk down a busy city street and you’ll notice that the businesses that truly stand out are those that have good signs. From restaurants and shops to brokers and attorneys, signage creates brand awareness and speaks to consumers who may be in need of your product or services.

Your brand is heavily linked to your signage, so getting the best sign possible should be a top priority for your business.


How Good Signs Increases Sales


A good sign has a direct impact on your sales. If your signage is good, your sales are bound to be good as well. Cleverly designed and well-thought-out signs are difficult to ignore. Many businesses dedicate a lot of money to fancy product launches and digital marketing campaigns, often at the expense of signage.

Consumers want to be noticed, charmed, and appreciated. If your signage is effective and placed in the right places, consumers will want to see what your business has to offer.


Stand In Your Buyer’s Shoes


Looking through your customer’s perspective is actually quite easy. Simply step outside your business premises and look at your storefront sign and ask yourself these questions.

  • Is it clearly visible?
  • Does it speak to who you are and how you may be feeling?
  • Does it tell you useful and relevant information?
  • Would a potential buyer clearly understand the product or service you have to offer?

These are some questions you should think about when creating signage for your business.

When a customer passes by your shop, do they see a clear and elaborate sign? Good signage is both visible and legible, and able to communicate easily and effectively without a shadow of a doubt. Here are some key things to consider:

  • Easy To Read – If it’s not legible, customers will not stop and try to figure it out.
  • Placement – Is the signage clearly visible and in a position where it easily catches the eye of passers-by?
  • Stand Out –  Does your signage stand out from other nearby businesses?
  • Inviting – Does your signage arouse the interest of customers and make them want to come inside and see.
  • Seen at night – Can customers see your sign at night or in low light?


How Good Signs Increases Sales


Walk into your shop or business. Are the signs properly branded, concise and informative? Do they assist a potential buyer to make a purchasing decision? Clear signs that that indicate special offers and discounts easily boost sales!

You should know that over 80% of purchase decisions are made on impulse! A sign that informs a customer of a great deal has a higher chance of prompting them to make a purchase.

Most people want an easy decision, have your sign tell people what you want them to do and they’ll likely do it.


Signage Is At The Center of Marketing


Signage should be a central part of your marketing strategy. In order to get the best signs for your business, it’s highly recommended that you enlist the help of a professional signage company. They will help you implement your vision in the best way possible.

These days, there are a vast array of signage options are at your disposal. This makes it easy to promote your business or brand in a very unique and original way.


Stand Out From the Crowd


The main purpose of your sign is to get customers through the door. Working with a professional graphic designer and sign installation company, you will be able to create unique and effective signage that will help you stand out from the crowd.

When done well, signs foster brand awareness and boost sales significantly. Successful brands and businesses have known for many decades.

Don’t let your business suffer from low sales due to poorly designed, old, outdated, or hard-to-read signage. Learning how good signs increase sales is the first step to success.

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