Top Toronto Restaurants – Wine & Dine Throughout The Big Smoke

Toronto is the largest city in Canada in terms of population, and it is right on the water. The Big Smoke anchors The Golden Horseshoe, and it is home to a current real estate boom, tons of attractions and many top-notch dining establishments. Out of over 5400 restaurants in Toronto, here are the top five.

New Orleans Seafood & Steakhouse is a sure bet. There are 61 steakhouses in the city. This restaurants serves up the surf and turf and also provides you with the option of a cajun/creole twist. That's as good as it gets, right? Enjoy entrees like blackened salmon and jambalaya. The fish is fresh, and there is always a catch of the day. Reviews mention what's called a Fisherman's Plate. New Orleans Seafood & Steakhouse is located at 267 Scarlett Road York.

Scaramouche Restaurant is a French restaurant located at 1 Benvenuto Place. Menu favorites include venison and coconut cream pie. This is fine dining as you might expect, and you're going to be privy to great views of the Toronto skyline. Be sure to reserve a window table. Scaramouche Restaurant is the perfect dining establishment for special occasions. Reviews say the wine list is superb.

Michael's On Simcoe might rank 2nd in terms of steakhouses, but it's the #3 restaurant in Toronto. As its name suggests, Michael's is located on Simcoe Street, specifically 100 Simcoe Street. Prepare yourself for an exquisite tasting menu and a spectacular view. Amuse Bouche is a menu favorite, as is the Pavlova, which is a dessert. Take a look at the Wagyu menu, and see if your jaw doesn't drop.

ALO is another French restaurant, located at 163 Spadina Avenue, on the 3rd floor. Prepare yourself for another delightful tasting menu, and just like Michael's on Simcoe, ALO is known for its Amuse Bouche, too. This fancy artichoke heart dish is popular in fine dining restaurants. The culinary experience you're about to have when dining at ALO is going to be second to none. As always, with fine dining, you can expect the service to be impeccable.

Farm'r Eatery & Catering is located at 140 The Esplanade. It is a little different than the French fine dining restaurants and steakhouses mentioned so far. Currently, it is ranked #5 in terms of the best restaurants in Toronto. This casual eatery features all kinds of great dishes, including the popular turkey meatballs. You actually order at the counter, which is unique for a restaurant that ranks so highly out of over 5000 dining establishments. That is quite cool, don't you think?

Farm'r Eatery & Catering also rounds out the diversity for the top 5 restaurants in Toronto. You likely expected a couple of fine dining establishments to be in that group, but you want to know good places to eat for all occasions. Hopefully these top picks tick all the boxes for you. Prepare to be be wined and dined in The Big Smoke, and enjoy your time checking out all the great attractions as well.

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