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Creating an effective digital signage network involves more than just connecting screens to a device and running your advertisement 24 hours a day.  If your ideas for your digital signage content are not adequately articulated, it will not matter whether there are one or one hundred displays.  Similarly, remarkable content can perform poorly if the software for your digital signage is unreliable or too intricate for proper handling. 


Your Digital Signage Content Strategy Must Be Consistent 


It is highly essential for the content strategy to have a purpose.  Defining your goals assists you in keeping the right angle.  It also assists you in concentrating on each step of the digital signage content strategy.  Whether it is to inform, entertain or drive sales, your whole content strategy should be constructed on the understanding of what you want conveyed and the interests of your target audience. 


Your Digital Signage Content Strategy Must Be Updated and Relevant 


A successful digital signage network requires displaying engaging, up-to-date and relevant content.  In this context, relevant means displaying meaningful messages that will benefit the intended audience.  Additionally, updated content requires constant changes and adjustments; this could involve improving the layouts and switching between playlists.


Testing the Effectiveness of Your Digital Signage


As it relates to digital signage, the Return on Investment (ROI) is one of the most essential Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).  It is a lot easier to create an ROI model that is rooted in sales success.  However, in a number of cases, digital signage is less of a profit driver and more of a marketing tool; engagement vs. purchases, loyalty vs. leads.


The following variables can be used to measure the costs associated with setting up and maintaining your digital signage network: 


  • Software
  • Hardware (including media players and screens)
  • Infrastructure
  • Support 
  • Compensating employees for creating and maintaining digital signage content


Having these costs calculated will enable you to recognize whether your cost vs. profit is crucial for your business model and then necessary adjustments can be made.


Were Your Goals Achieved Through the Use of Digital Signage?


Ultimately, goal achievement is the hallmark of efficiency; it is that simple.  If there was no improvement in sales, if visitors are still unable to navigate spaces and if brand awareness was not increased by the promos, you have an ineffective digital signage network.  To remedy this, you should think about deconstructing the network to find out the reasons for the ineffectiveness.


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